The Montessori Method is both an educational philosophy and methodology developed in the 19th century by Dr Maria Montessori. Dr Montessori specifically designed apparatus and a teaching philosophy to encourage children to develop their skills in language, practical life, use of their five senses, mathematics, science, geography and the arts. The materials were all designed to meet a child’s natural interests.

In the Montessori classrooms, the atmosphere and the environment are extremely important. Whether at work or at play, our Montessori rooms are prepared environments designed to support your child’s need for purposeful activity. Our teachers are all qualified in Montessori teaching. They create a positive, supportive, calm and non competitive atmosphere to facilitate the children's learning and sensorial experimentation in line with Dr Montessori's beliefs.

Junior Montessori Room

Aged 2.5/3 years to 3.5/4 years
Adult : Child ratio is 1: 8 / 1:11

Senior Montessori Room

Aged 3.5/4 years to 5.5 years
Adult : Child ratio is 1: 8 / 1:11