Ladybug's Facilities
Our facilities

At Ladybug Childcare we provide a homely, secure, yet fun environment for all the children. Playing is an integral part of any child's day and at Ladybug Childcare we provide a wide variety of fun based games, activites and toys which would keep any child busy for hours. Our main aim at Ladybug Childcare is that your child and yourselves are satisfied with our service.

Further information on our groups

Baby Room
Our baby room caters for 6 full time babies. All baby room staff are fully trained Nursery Nurses with First Aid training. Our baby room provides a calm, tranquil yet stimulating environment for your child in the first year of their lives. View more images of our facilities here


Toddler/Wobbler Room
Our Toddler/Wobbler room caters for 18 children aged from 1 to 2½. Here the children are given every opportunity to learn and play during this curious stage of their lives. Everything from art and crafts, music, drama and tactile activities are on the curriculum here to develop their senses, confidence and also their concentration. There is a strong emphasis on nutrition and exercise especially in our toddler room, where the children have endless amounts of energy. View more images of our facilities here


Montessori Room
In Ladybug Childcare we use the Montessori Method of education in our preschool room for ages 2½ upwards. The Montessori Method is both an educational philosophy and methodology developed in the 19th century by Dr Maria Montessori. Dr Montessori specifically designed apparatus and a teaching philosophy to encourage children to develop their skills in language, practical life, use of their five senses, mathematics, science, geography and the arts. The materials were all designed to meet a child’s natural interests. In the Montessori classroom the atmosphere and the environment are extremely important so in Ladybug Childcare it is prepared and equipped to help children accomplish their goals in their own manner, whether at work or at play. Our classroom is a prepared environment designed to support your child’s need for purposeful activity. Our teachers are qualified in Montessori teaching and they create a positive, supportive, calm and non competitive atmosphere. Montessori believed that a child has a delineation of sensitive periods of development, during which a child’s mind is particularly open to learning specific skills or knowledge, including language development and sensorial experimentation. Ladybug Childcare caters for preschool children at all different stages of learning and all a child's individual curiosities and interests. View more images of our facilities here


Preschool Room
Preschool is for ages from 2½ up to 4+ and is based on the best elements of teaching from Froebal, Highscope and Montessori. We are lucky at Ladybug Childcare to have an extremely spacious preschool room which will caters for 20 children. In this group children are offered more structured activities which have fun and educational elements. View more images of our facilities here

Additional Concierge Services
We know the pressures faced by modern parents, after all we are parents too! We have brought together a selection of services to make your life outside parenting easier. Ask a member of staff about the following services we can offer you to make the day go smoother:
  • Eco-baby nappy service
  • Babysitting service